"... one of the best books...on the theme of happiness ...,
and the best as far as ... the attainment of happiness goes ..."

Best Book About Being Happy.

"…This is one of the best books I have read on the theme of happiness in its many dimensions, and the best as far as the narrow subtopic of the attainment of happiness goes…"
- Roy T. James for Readers’ Favorite –

Book to Read to Better Your Life.

"…If you have friends or family struggling to find happiness, this is an easy book to read, understand, and utilize in order to see where small changes could be made to better one's life..."
- Professor Erin Lovell Ebanks, author of Happy Professor

Money Cannot Buy Happiness.

"Paul has earned my particular approval for demonstrating with mathematical exactitude that money has nothing to do with happiness. This is done in several guises, each entertaining and easy to understand..."
- Dr. Robert Rich

Highly Recommended Book About Being Happy.

"Lucky Go Happy is a fun, enjoyable, easy read that contains a lot of wisdom for adults and children about happiness.

I highly recommend the book for anyone who is interested in learning how to increase their levels of happiness and joy."
- Tom Cunningham (too tall) - Napoleon Hill Foundation Certified Instructor & Host of Journey To Success Radio

Happiness Comes From Within.

"…As someone who previously suffered long term depression I finally understand that long lasting, sustainable happiness comes from within...I encourage you to give it as a gift as well… Buy this book for yourself and a few for your friends!"
- Leah Oviedo

Where Does Real Happiness Come From?

"Lucky Go Happy reminds us where real happiness comes from."
- Cyrus Webb

Book to Share With Family Members.  Brilliantly Written.

"Deep insight and wisdom displayed in witty, fun and amusing ways…Every parent and grandparent will want to read and share this excellent book with family members and friends…Brilliantly written."
- Iris K. Barratt

How to Find Happiness.

"Self-Help book teaching you how to find happiness... Lucky Go Happy isn't just your ordinary book…This book or fable has depth, heart and soul."
- Claire

How to be Happier Right Now.

"I highly recommend this delightful read to anyone who wants to learn some new tricks on how to become happier right now. It made me smile repeatedly."
- Linn C.

Lessons Through Humor.  Really Enjoyable Read.

"Parable or fable, these tales read smoothly…teaching wise lessons through humor … I … laughed out loud on occasion, and thoroughly enjoyed those stings in rat-like tails… The stories are offered with an unforced sense of fable, making this a really enjoyable read."
- Sheila Deeth

Book on Being Happier for Young and Old.

"Reading this book will raise your happiness level whether you are a senior citizen or a young person... The reader comes away with a sense of having enjoyed the book without being lectured to about what should make him or her happy. And yet, like all good fables, there's a lot of learning going on that shines a light on the pursuit of happiness in our current society."
- Therese A. Tappouni

Great Book for Families to Read Together.

"This would be a great book for families to read together."
- Arlene S. Hirsch