"... one of the best books...on the theme of happiness ...,
and the best as far as ... the attainment of happiness goes ..."
Front Cover of Lucky Go Happy : Make Happiness Happen!

1.  About The Book

Lucky Go Happy : Make Happiness Happen!

ISBN   : 978 1 496 94164 0
eISBN : 978 0 620 70518 9
Lucky Go Happy is an amusing, modern-day fable for young and old. This easy-to-read book will equip readers with the know-how of being happier - and being happy more often.

Lucky Go Happy follows the adventures of Lucky the Rat who has been sent into the African Bush by King Lion, to discover what makes other animals happy.

Through various encounters with remarkable characters, Lucky captures some reviving new takes on happiness which he has to present to King Lion in a report before the next rainy season. King Lion hopes to regain his own happiness after reading the report.

Lucky Go Happy has been written to help people from all walks of life understand how happiness works.

If you have ever contemplated any of the following questions, Lucky Go Happy can help to make happiness happen for yourself, and those around you:
  • when will I be happy?
  • how do I explain happiness to my teen son or daughter?
  • how can I help my mother or father who is miserable?
  • how do I cheer up a friend who is unhappy?
  • is it a problem to be happy on weekends only?
  • how much money do I need to be happy?
  • can anything good come from a crisis in my life?
  • why does a midlife crisis happen?
Or if you are simply looking for a book:
  • to read when you are stressed, anxious or unhappy;
  • to beat the Sunday night blues;
  • to give as a gift to a family member who is unhappy;
  • for your school library to help students that are unhappy;
  • that can be used as training material for life coaches and teachers,
Then Lucky Go Happy is the book for you.  Lucky Go Happy will:

  • show that happiness is not around the next corner; it is here and now, and
  • help you understand how happiness works.
  • highlight why it is absolutely essential to be unhappy at times
  • illustrate why a midlife crisis happens
  • demonstrate how we lose more than 70 percent of potential happy time by living
  • explain how contentment can yield the same amount of happiness as ecstasy
  • provide concrete proof that money will never make us happy
Not convinced that you can make happiness happen for yourself and those around you?

2.  Rocket Powered Book Launch

The book, Lucky Go Happy : Make Happiness Happen!, was launched with a model rocket piloted by a Space LEGO Pilot.
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Rocket powered book launch
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